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28 Mar 2011 om 18.30
I'm stealing snoozefest's idea about a couple of changes in de myfeuer section of the site.

snoozefest schreef:

Can I make a request? It would be nice if either the game names could be longer, or if there were a comment field (so, for example, people could give more detailed information like "for x y and z players" or "take several turns each day", etc.).

That actually is a pretty nice idea.

Maybe I can give a tip on how you implement that, you could put the detailed information in a mouse-over that shows when you hover on the name of the game. For example, if my game is called "Game123" and has the following information "4 players, 2 actions each day". Then on the 'myfeuer'page you would of course see the game, and when you hover your mouse over it, it would show "4 players, 2 actions each day"

When a player creates a game, there are two options;
option 1: there is a extra "comment" field, where he can give any input he wants.
option 2: there are 2 extra drop-down menus, called "Number of players" where he can select the number of players. And "Number of actions each day" where he can select the number of actions he would like to have each day.

About the length of gamenames I also agree with you, it's annoying and sometimes difficult to select a game with only one 1 character as name. Maybe you could put a minimum amount of characters in it, for example 3 characters as minimum.

28 Mar 2011 om 18:31
Voor de mensen die engels niet zo goed snappen wil ik het op aanvraag best ook in het nederlands nog neerzetten hoor

29 Mar 2011 om 10:41
I'm not a real fan of hovers. But maybe i can create another option with "slow, normal, fast" or something similar, and show this with an icon.

The amount of players is only relevant for Maharadja, i think?

The length of the gamenames should indeed be longer than 1 character. It's difficult to click on the name. Especially when the name is "l"...